Mobile App Trends 2019

A recent report records 2.1 billion mobile users for the year 2019 which is estimated to cross the 5 billion mark. With the constantly emerging trends in the mobile app development, the apps are proving to be integral. Having said that, 2019 witness remarkable new trends in the mobile technology.

1. Wearable Apps: Watches, wristbands, and other wearable devices have gone smart over the years as they now perform more than the functions they used to perform. However, for a smart watch to count your steps or calories and wristband to monitor your sleep patterns, they need apps. There is no denying to the fact that the market of Wearable industry is experiencing rapid growth and is estimated to reach over $33 Billion by the end of 2019. Both the iPhone and Android device makers have brought a revolution in wearable device domain and will be continuing its trend in the coming future. Due to this, the mobile app developers will be making more applications to facilitate their inventions.

2. AR/VR: With the increase in popularity of these technologies, businesses and game developers now implement them to improve their app. Augmented reality makes changes to a real-life setting by inserting an object into it. eMarketer predicts that 48.1 million Americans will experience augmented reality at least once a month. This number will rise to 6 million and grow higher to 54.4 million in 2019. Augmented reality apps have grown considerably over the recent year. This year, with ARK it on iOS and ARCore on Android, we will see additional advancements in this technology. These frameworks permit programmers to use devices’ sensors to map the atmosphere and place virtual things in it. Hence, AR will almost certainly be used additional often to showcase and promote products.

3. Artificial Intelligence: Applications like Siri, Cortana, Alexa and Google voice assistant make our life much easier by taking over each day tasks like reading, writing and sending messages, switching camera and microphone on and off, searching the internet for information, setting reminders, etc. via their artificial intelligence capability. As businesses see the popularity of these virtual assistants, they want parallel mobile applications in the form of chat bots and personal assistant. As a mobile app developer this app trend can help you fetch the profits in the long run.

4. Cloud Storage: The need to integrate the cloud-based app is gaining significance with regards to the limits on storage in the devices. As businesses look to reduce operations cost, cloud computing offers a way to host your app without having your own servers. Added to this, having your app on the cloud makes it scale able and able to cope with spikes in usage. With this technology, businesses are able to achieve a better app experience for their users at a lower cost. As there’s more advancement in technology, cloud integration will become cheaper and safer than it is.

5. Blockchain: Blockchain has become popular over the years for its security. In a Blockchain, nobody has complete control. This makes it difficult for a data breach compared to other systems. Blockchain can be used as a ledger system if you run a business on your app involving sales. The technology could be involved in more apps as large industries like banking are developing it for transactions.

6. Beacons and location-based service: Beacons are small objects that emit low energy Bluetooth signals. They help apps, especially event apps, to show you different aspects of the app based on your location at the venue. With beacons and location-based services you can organize events and send the right message to attendees at the right time. Apps like Uber offer location-based services as the passengers see the vehicles closest to them.

7. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) and EMM: Since 2016, Google Search has integrated AMP (Application Performance Management) listings. This has allowed the developers to include streamlined version of CSS and an off-the-shelf JavaScript library with the key focus on standardizing the mobile responsive pages to achieve speed and readability of the content as your top priority over all the other aspects. Considering the growing trend towards the ‘mobile only’ usage, AMP is becoming an indispensable part of the mobile strategy of the businesses.

8. Instant Apps: Instant Apps are the native mobile applications which are smaller in size, more handy and user-friendly as there is practically no need to download them. Because of the fact that they can be accessed instantly, they are called as instant applications. With their advent in 2016, their popularity in the market has caught on with the growing user demand for enhanced user experience with improved performance and less loading times.

9. Predictive Analytics to Influence Mobile UI/UX: With the most popular mobile apps using AI for predictive analytics to enhance the buyer journeys across their UI/UX, 2019 is ready for more advancement in this department. So, the time is not far when your business mobile app is not just a utility for you but an integral part of your business work-flow. With the bigger organisations already implementing this, this trend is soon to catch on with all the growing and emerging businesses.

10. M-commerce: It is said that money makes the world go around. If you are a mobile app developer, you must take this saying to your heart and focus on apps around m-commerce. According to research, the number of m-commerce transactions will surpass the number of E-Commerce transactions in 2019. Also, online payments through mobile contactless methods is increasing at a CAGR of 30%, where the leading players are Google pay and Apple pay apps.

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