Static vs Dynamic Website

Search Engine Optimization plays a vital role in building traffic and getting repetitive customers to the website. It improves the user experience and lets your content occupy top positions at the search portals. SEO focuses on managing content. Earlier were the days when the static pages were in demand but now Dynamic pages are on hit.


Static is the way the content appears to the user. A static website is made up of a series of HTML pages stored on a server. Any time a user accesses a page, they will see the same, static view of the site. 

Pros and Cons of Static Sites 

  • Static sites are cheap to build and host. 
  • Time consuming as it requires time for Maintenance because one need to manually update each HTML page depending on the size of the website. 
  • Static pages work great for small sites. 
  • A static site loads much faster than dynamic sites. 


  • Static Sites Have Better Page Speed 
  • Page speed has a big impact on your users’ opinion of your site–and your SEO. In fact, 40 percent of users will leave a site if it takes more than three seconds to load. 
  • It is Secure and reliable as there are no Plugins involved. It is cheaper and scalable as HTML files can be easily scaled just by increasing the bandwidth 


Dynamic sites are complicated. They are created using a content management system, or CMS. The CMS stores the site’s information on a server and, using PHP or JavaScript. 

Pros and Cons of Dynamic Sites 

  • Dynamic sites costs more to develop. 
  • They are much easier to change because of CMS. One can update the information on every page quickly and easily. 
  • Dynamic pages are built in real time for each user, so endless customization is available. 


  • Managing a large site that needs frequent updates, a static site might not be feasible. 
  • Regular update through CMS are hassle free. 
  • Dynamic Sites Are Better for Integrating Keywords Because they are so easy to update, it’s easy to change up your keyword strategy on a dynamic website. You have an option to personalize with respect to the keywords. 
  • Building a Mobile-Friendly Dynamic Site Is Easier 
  • CMS automatically generate mobile-friendly pages. 
  • Handling mass traffic on a dynamic website can be cumbersome at times and requires huge code running in the database. 
  • The content and functionality is optimized and improved. 
  • Easy to control, add and edit the content, features and functionality of the web page. 
  • Dynamic website can better grab visitor’s attention, so conversion rate and user engagements are high. 

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