A quality web design can attract a wide range of visitors roaming on the internet and it can generate greater profit for your company. If a website design is good which can catch the attention of the passers that inturn create brand awareness among the people. The aesthetic design of the website plays an important role in the lead generation because if your website has a quality design that can make visitors into customers. For example, when a customer passes through your site if some spots catch the attention of the visitor there is a chance that the visitor can be converted into leads. When you have higher generation rates that can increase your revenue and you can get a better ranking in the SERPs ratings. Lead generation websites can earn numerous customers from worldwide irrespective of the location and if you want your business to be popular make the design of the website attractive then contact the Techasoft which is the website development company in Bangalore. The common five characteristics of lead generation websites are usability, mobile design, SEO, copy writing and conversion. In this blog, I’m going to give a brief introduction about lead generation website characteristics.

The characteristics of the lead generation website are: 


Your site should have to be very responsive and it should automatically adjust the display as per user requirements to fit in all types of devices such as mobiles, desktop, laptop and tablet of any screen size. It should help the customer to find the information about products or services and if the site provides poor usability that can result in loss of business. The site loading speed should be maximum because it is the key factor that can engage the audience at your site or page. Image handling is another key factor that can help in fast page loading and a site map with navigation tool can help audiences to get information on the desired location.

Mobile design

For a high lead generation, the website should be mobile friendly because most of the internet users are mobile users. Internet usage in mobile is higher than other devices because mobile devices are handy and compact. The main element that should present in the mobile design is click-to-call functionality and it should have ample anchor text for links in the body content.


SEO is the main important factor in internet marketing and if your website is configured with SEO that can make your website visible easily in Google. When the website is rich in SEO practices that can get good organic traffic and the SEO should have to be placed in Title tags, Meta description tags, header content, on URLs, an XML site map and body content. Your site should use keywords by implementing perfect keyword strategies and use good keyword research tool to find proper keywords to get ranking in the SERPs ratings.


It is the main factor that can increase lead generation and content should be in high quality to create a branding exposure. The content should be relevant and have qualities such as authority, salability, usefulness that can attract a large group of specific audiences. It should have proper headings, subheadings, bullet points, images and videos which can catch the eyes of the visitors.


The main important step in the lead generation website is converting visitors. It should have features such as call-to-action buttons and easy form submission which can facilitate easy conversions at the minimum possible time. To get better conversion rates to use the email addresses on your website, use captcha and much more techniques.

If you want to build a High-Performance Lead Generation Website, you should satisfy the following the steps.

● Audiences are the assets of the business because they are the key factors of websites lead generation and if more customers visit your website you will get higher conversion rates.

●  Make your website visually attractive with images, audios, and video clips.

●  Build trust and credibility among customers which can make them as repetitive customers to your site or page.

●  Include testimonials from clients that can influence your audiences and indirectly creates good opinion on your websites by that you can achieve good conversion percentages.


Building a lead generation website is not an easy process because it requires a lot of technical knowledge and tactics. If you want to achieve a higher lead generation give your website to the authorized web development company and they have skilled professionals in creating websites. If your business has a good image in the online medium you can get more leads that will help you to get better rankings in the Google search engine web page.

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