The word ‘mobile’ has become an important aspect of today’s life, and rightly so. The Gen Z is habituated of a swift life with everything available ‘insta’. Mobile is no more a gadget, but rather an extension of us like a hand or a leg even. Thus, we are used to have everything on the go, including booking a holiday trip. Travel based mobile applications have made this possible due to its convenience, speed, and of course comfort.

Today there are a number of Mobile App Development Company for example Techasoftwhich develop mobile applications for businesses, including the Travel based industries too. Let me tell you something – The mobile apps for travel and tourism industry rank #7 in the most downloaded apps category. Not only that, about 80% of travel savvy people, according to their convenience, within the comfort of their own surroundings, and from their own mobile phones/tablets tend to plan their holiday outings. So, if you are a travel-based business, now is the time to catch up with your competitors, get online, and more than that get mobile.

Still not convinced about developing Mobile App for Travel & Tourism Industry? No worries, we are here to let you know why you need it, and that too ASAP!

What is the need for Mobile App for Travel & Tourism Industry?

  • It all boils down to marketing: Digital marketing has become an integral part of marketing for any business; the travel industry is no exception. Being a travel-based business, having a Mobile Application, is like having a very potent marketing tool. A mobile app facilitates able to reach out to more potential customers and converting them into customers, thereby increasing returns. It enables your travel business to have a visible presence and enables you to stand up to your competitors.
  • A one stop solution for the customers: The best part of a Travel & Tourism Industry App is that it provides many things under a single app. Meaning, you can view detailed pictures, videos and descriptions of the destinations, know the local well known cuisines of this places, understand the weather conditions there, know about the language, get yourself booked to reach there through flight reservation. Decide upon the best lodge, hotel to stay and make reservations for there. Collect information about restaurants and book them, book a multi-lingual guide take you exploring the local area, etc.
  • Giving great user experience to the users: A mobile application provides the customers a hassle free transaction. There is no long paperwork, no need to carry all the papers such as tickets, receipts, invoices, booking papers, etc. All of these can be carried as soft copies within mobile/tablet itself, and of course, be accessed 24*7. There is also convenience in payments through digital means. It also allows users to travel money less, enabling online payments through single click, and ruling out their security concerns regarding money. All in all the customers get great user experience and are satisfied.
  • Enables providing personalised and customized services to get loyal customers: Using mobile application, you can keep a look out on individual customers – the data they have feed in your applications, the things they have searched for, the feedback and suggestions they have given, etc; so as to analyse their needs, interests, budgets, and thus understand them. Based on this you can then provide them customized packages; personalised services – such as help during some unexpected emergency circumstances; attractive discounts – such as first time app use discount, promotional discounts, seasonal discounts; etc. You can also design loyalty programs and benefits to attract application users to become your loyal customers.

Mobile applications, once downloaded will be on the fingertips of your customers enabling them to contact you, and also enabling you to reach out to them. I am sure that the above points are enough lucrative for you to get your all fingers into this pie. Undoubtedly mobile apps are modern means to market your business and the ultimate goal remains the same – good returns on investment – to you and your customers too.

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