I have a question for you – why do people travel? The thrill, the adventure associated with it? Then what about the tiredness, motion sickness? It’s noticeable that since ancient times, travel has been glorified. First through books – The Odyssey, Robinson Crusoe, Sindhabaad the sailor; and then the movies – Pirates of the Caribbean, Dil Chahta hai, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, Veere di Wedding? All of these have confirmed for us the need to tour the world – India included.

Don’t you wish that like the movies, if you have a major break up and immediately the next day you come up with a complete travel plan and move towards your destination? Is it really possible? Yup it is! A Website for travel industry has made it possible. Within a few clicks, interested travellers can decide upon a destination, book a flight, a hotel, a restaurant, a local guide, the whole package, make payments for it within minutes and Ka boom! They are all set for travelling. As a travel business, you can provide your customers all this and much more. Some of you may already have a Travel Website, some may be wanting to start one. At this point, we at Techasoft, as a Website Development Company, have a single tip for you – go for a Responsive Travel Website.

What is a Responsive Travel Website?

Of the various website designs, Responsive Website is a type featuring code which identifies the device which is being used to view the website – desktop, laptop, smart phone tablet –; understands its characteristics – including the screen sizes and configuration –; and then accordingly makes adjustments in the interface and configuration of the page.

The adaptation is tailored to fit the visitor’s device and includes resizing or rearranging various elements of the website including the layout, navigation, loading speed, page width, columns, images, buttons, fonts, etc.

What is the need to develop a Responsive Website for travel industry?

Internet and mobile phones were introduced in India in 1995; followed by launch of Google in 1998. Since then, internet users in India have been on an increase – initially using desktops and laptops, and recently using smart phones.

Not only that, Google in a survey in 2016 found out that about 94% of the non-business travellers use different devices i.e. they switch between devices when they are in the process of planning their tour/trip/journey/holiday.

Imagine a client opening your travel website on the mobile/tablet and face problems such as – website taking too much time to load, broken images, unable to view videos, difficult navigation. This is like saying Goodbye to these client who use mobiles/tablets to visit you.

Thus, it has become imperative that your travel industry website needs to be able to tailor fit to all the devices, so that a single website can cover all devices.

Importance of a Responsive Website for travel industry:

Improving user experience: Travel industry sells upon ‘experience’. It is imperative that a traveller has a great experience – of interaction with you, the whole planning and booking process, as well as the complete travel/tour. Responsive website ensures that your website performs well on all devices, and is able to provide optimal viewing experience, making it easy to read, and to minimize the hassle of the user, thus providing a great user experience. Also, it enables your business to maintain a single version of website with a single URL.

● It enables creating Powerful visuals: Responsive Website will make sure that the various visual elements you add on your website including – images, slideshows, videos, virtual tour guides, vlogs, etc. which show the destinations, cuisine, culture, the amenities, etc. – will all function properly and timely at each and every step on whichever device. Thus, it enables to create Powerful visuals, attracting more customers for you.

● Increasing global reach: As a travel industry business, you have domestic as well as international packages, thus a global reach out is a must. Way back in 2015, the world’s mobile search surpassed the desktop search. Meaning, people over the globe are opting for devices other than desktops. If your website is not Responsive, you will miss out reaching all those people over the globe.

As a progressive travel business, you need to grow and align your presence on the internet with the technological advancements happening in the world. You need to be proactive and be a step ahead of your competitors. Getting a Responsive Travel Website created for your business will be your much needed action. You can trust Techasoft with this responsibility as we have a professional team with experience in Web Designing.

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