Selecting a mobile app development tool is more like a one-time investment and if it is good, you can reap the benefits in future for a very long period of time. Before selecting among the mobile app development tools, make sure to carefully analyze the features and requirements of your app and then pick up the best tool that helps you develop functions and features to meet all those requirements. Besides, you can also take the help of a top mobile app development company like Techasoft, that could guide you in making the right choice.

So here, we have created a list of five best Mobile App Development Tools, which you can choose based on your project requirements:


To ease up the process of choosing the suitable mobile app development tool, we have created a list of Mobile app development tools, highlighting their key features and strengths.

1.      XAMARIN

Xamarin is th best to build native apps and since it is a Microsoft product, you will always be safe against unexpected termination of the service, critical security threats as well as technology updates.

Why Choose Xamarin?

·         It has mono framework that exposes 100% of the native APIs to allow full use of the device capability.

·         Its platform specific IntelliSense makes coding much more easier.

·         It’s an easy cycle of build, test, deploy, and repeat using C++ programming language.


Appcelerator is basically used by mobile app development companies to build both the native cross-platform applications. This tool is said to be developers’ favorite because it requires fewer lines of code to develop a mobile application and it has platform-specific features, APIs, as well as UI.

Why Choose Appcelerator?

·         It develops fully native apps, using all the device capability.

·         Around 60 to 90% code reduce is observed different mobile device platforms.

·         Its ability to view UI changes across operating systems and mobile devices is appealing.

3.   IONIC

As Ionic has a complete open-source SDK, it is widely used to build hybrid applications with the help of CSS, HTML5, and SASS like technologies. By building a mobile app on Ionic, mobile app developers can directly send the release update to the app users. Automating app delivery is much easier with Ionic as it does not require any special talent and with its automation capabilities, app developers can easily deploy features and fixes to enhance the speed of mobile app development process.

Why Choose Ionic?

·         It delivers app updates, fixes bugs and allows to change content without requiring MDM approval or waiting for the approval of app store.

·         It is central, shared dashboard with live activity feeds all the time.

·         It has industry specific defaults and pre built workflows to automate the development tasks.


Sencha is generally for rapid mobile app development and if you want to create a native app that is compatible with the latest versions of iOS, Android, and Blackberry then Sencha can be your best, ideal choice as it is one of the most suitable app development tools for building the enterprise applications.

Why Choose Sencha?

·         It consists more than 115 fully supported components that can be integrated with a wide array of frameworks like Angular, FOSS, etc.

·         Sencha also provides end to end testing solutions for the Ext JS.

·         It reduces the dependencies on multiple versions.


Framework 7 is popularly used to create native iPhone apps though, recently they have started offering support for Android apps. This open source, mobile HTML framework is quite easy to comprehend and build native apps quicker. Since it is iOS focused, it is not compatible with all the platforms and so, choose it looking at your app’s requirements.

Why Choose Framework 7?

·         Framework 7 works good  in simple HTML layout attached with the CSS framework.

·         It has iOS specific UI elements like visualization, animations, and touch interaction.

·         It supports iOS swipe back action from the left border of the app screen.


Choosing mobile app development tools from a myriad of options available in the market today is quite a tedious and a tough job, but only when you are not fully aware of your app’s requirements. Hence, before you venture out to seek the best mobile app development tool for your project, make sure to create a set of the app’s requirements and compare it with the features of the app development tools. Besides, you can always consult our company, Techasoft, to better understand the tools or to take our help in development process.

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