SEO Ranking Factors

SEO requirements change from time to time, and hence it is necessary to cope up with the latest developments. The need for every business to get top rank in the SERPs listing. Techasoft is a famous SEO company in India that delivers SEO related services at a high quality.  In this article, we are going to see the Top 5 SEO ranking factors

Webpage Content Quality 

Content is one of the important search ranking factors and uses the content strategy wiser in order to get a higher conversion rate on the website. Keywords are the words or phrases used by searchers when they are looking for information in the search engine and also they are the words that represent your site topic. For better SEO practices, it is necessary to use fresh, original, quality, and error-free content. Include LSI keywords in your content for achieving a higher conversion rate that will increase your income to a greater level. Optimize your content for search by voice, so it will enhance your website quality.

Page Speed 

Page speed is one of the top-ranking factors and if your website loads at low speed there is a possibility that your visitor leaves the site early. There are more competitors in the virtual market hence to withstand the competitors, it is necessary to have a website that loads fast. If your site loads fast then it will get more number of users and to check your website speed use a tool called Google Search Console. Google Search Engine Algorithm uses page loading speed as the primary ranking factor to rank the website and if your website does not load faster on mobiles then it should be penalized.

Mobile-friendly Website 

Mobile-friendliness means how a website looks and performs when some people view it on a mobile device. Most of the people are now shifting towards mobile devices and if you use responsive mobile-friendly design then it will improve your user experience at a greater level. Most of the searches are now conducted on mobile devices than desktop searches hence mobile-friendliness is more important for websites. You can check your responsiveness to the site using Google’s mobile-friendly test.

Check that you have the following features

  • Have a responsive website that automatically fits into the screen of the users.
  • Make use of large fonts for easy access to readability.
  • Apply accessible menus for facilitating easy navigation.

Quality Links 

The website is built using links and it is an important SEO ranking factor. There are three types of links available on the website and they are internal links, outbound links, and inbound links.

Inbound Links

Google uses inbound links to find how authoritative and relevant your content is about. Include links to a high-quality website on your site and avoid using low-quality backlinks.

Outbound Links

Use outbound links by linking to related sites in your niche and outbound your links to high authority websites.

Internal Links

Internal links are the linking to your content can help arrange pages together for both visitors and Google

Schema Code 

If you want to get a higher ranking in the Google search engine use schema markup code in a perfect manner. Schema markup code is nothing but a code that helps search engines to get a better understanding of specific texts like phone numbers, reviews, addresses, and recipes.


This the list of top five SEO factors and utilize them in a proper way to get better ranking in the search engine, and also It will help to build brand reputation faster.

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