In today’s time, we just can’t wait for things to happen. We all want it to be done in the wink of an eye and you know, technology has made us so used to speed. We all have a good 4G smartphone but it takes a very long time for a page to load due to poor network connection or due to low internet speed or even the web page not optimized for the mobile device. At last, we either lose our mood or close that page and we can’t wait for more than a few seconds for a page to load. We can’t blame our smartphone because everything is fine with it but then, the main thing to think about this is website loading speed.

Who wants their users to close their website due to low internet speed and not optimized for the mobile device? No one right? Then, how can we overcome this particular challenge? The solution is simple – the AMP project. Accelerated Mobile Pages Project is it’s fullform. Let’s learn more in detail about it.


Let us help you to understand what exactly is this AMP. 

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages and the websites optimized for AMP will load very fast even during low-speed internet and it also becomes mobile device friendly. AMP was found by the joint efforts of the brand companies- Google and Twitter. It was launched on the platform of Google Search on February 26 in the year 2016.

Who optimized to AMP first? was the first one to use AMP and other early users were Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and a lot many, basically the list goes ever increasing.

AMP and Better Mobile SEO Rankings

Your website speed and SEO rankings are directly related and it is one of the ranking metrics. Plus, faster loading sites will, of course, make your users and customers read, subscribe to a list or buy your products or services that you offer. If your business website is mobile-friendly then the search engine will consider for higher ranking in organic mobile search results as well.  So, your website developed with the AMP will rank even higher in the mobile search engine results pages (SERP). So, an extra fitting of AMP to your website definitely adds wings and Google is going to smile at your website after all, users do more on a quick loading page. Users read, subscribe, watch images and videos or buy on the pages without having to wait for any time. So cheer up for the Accelerated Mobile Pages project as it is definitely a saviour to one and all.


Thrilling Speed & Lower Bounce Rates

As we mentioned above, in the beginning, no one will have the patience to wait for more than a few seconds for a web page to load and they will surely go away from that website. Slow speed will unfortunately lead to people leaving the website once they enter and this is called Bounce Rate. But don’t worry, AMP will be there for your rescue.

Highlighted in Google Chrome Search Results

We know that Google Chrome browser will be your favorite browser and all thanks to Google for displaying the AMP results in organic listings. Thus, if your website is AMP-optimized it will appear on top along with a lighting symbol in the Google search engine results page and your website will attract more clicks thereby you will gain more click-through-rates.

Increased conversion percentage

If you are a digital marketer or website owner of a company, your website will prosper only and only if your page loads quickly and users buy, subscribe or fill up the forms and this, of course, increases your conversion percentage.

Greater and Flexible Ad Support

You know that an ordinary non-AMP page will have a number of distractions and you will have distractions such as popups, forms, social share buttons, and many more. But an AMP mobile page will trim all of these distractions and will also increase your Return on investments on ad spend. Users will also get answers to their questions and your influence rate will eventually increase.


We, at Techasoft, think it is too early to talk about AMP’s future but for now, we believe it is

super-performing. See, you have to comprehend that everyone wants a page to load fast in the blink of an eye. There is no business of waiting here and everyone wants their website to be more visible on the SERP. We believe speed and greater visibility would definitely create more leads and conversions. Accelerated Mobile Pages simply enables all of these and that’s how much wonderful it is.


We want to make certain things clear to you that if you want to optimize your site for speed and get higher Google search ranking then you should definitely go for Accelerated Mobile Pages. You should at least try it once to get your due ROI, leads as well as conversions. AMP should definitely be one of your top priority marketing strategies as it will boost your scope of doing profit-earning online marketing. In case you’re looking for a top Mobile App Development Company and all the service’s related to it, feel free to contact us as we provide the best solutions in the least possible price in the market.

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