While not every programmer follows the oft-repeated advice to learn minimum one new programming language every year, most of the developers out there will continue to build their skills by learning new languages throughout their career. Many programmers find a job that requires them to periodically brush up on new programming languages as well as their dialects, software frameworks, and tools and technologies. Knowing what to learn and which one will be more beneficial can be difficult, particularly when new software frameworks and tools are created every single day. If you are thinking about studying new and highly paid programming languages, you are probably questioning what are the highest paid programming languages in the industry and what kind of developers earn huge.

So here are we at your rescue as we have compiled for you a list of some of the highly paid programming languages in 2020 based on various studies, reports and statistics, the knowledge of which will also help you make good money both now and in the coming years as well.


1. C#

C# was developed by a group of Microsoft engineers to develop several apps on the .net platform so if you plan to gain experience in the field of native apps creation under Microsoft then, C# is just for you. Take an awesome advantage of the language as it is comparatively simpler and the ability to focus on the algorithm is high and not on the implementation details.

2. Python

Quality frameworks is a huge body of training materials and is a friendly community, along with simplicity of coding, all of this makes up Python a truly competitive language, that is unlikely to give up its position in 2021.

Python is one of the most powerful programming languages ever and it is used for various things such as mathematical calculations, data analysis, machine learning, task automation, etc. Python was used for developing apps such as Youtube, Dropbox, Reddit and many more. Programmers who know Python make good money and so, you should try it out too.

3. Go

With an average payment level of around $110,000 per year, the Go programming language deservedly is one of the most demanding programmes. It was developed by Google and introduced in the month of November 2009. Being an open source platform, Go is very actively used for projects within the corporation and a number of world-class services such as SoundCloud, Netflix, etc.

4. Swift

Swift is the main language for developing apps especially for macOS, iOS, watchOS and tvOS as this is a universal programming language for working with Apple products, that was developed not so long ago in the year 2014.

Swift’s main advantage is speed because both at working on the project and when launching the ready app, it proves it’s speed. It is for this very advantage that it got its name as Swift over other languages as its creators claim that it has absorbed all the best from other programming languages and clubbed all of it in itself.

5. Kotlin

The programming language Kotlin was developed by an IT-company named JetBrains and it has now become the official development language for Android and this was officially announced at the Google I/O conference in the year 2017.

It is rapidly developing in today’s time and it has a number of advantages as well. Some of them are as follows:

  • It is easy to understand
  • It is fully compatibility with Java
  • It has support from Google;
  • It is a growing community.

6. Ruby on Rails

Ruby gained a very high popularity as a tool for developing Web apps and it was used mainly for developing the server part of a number of famous worldwide services. You can often meet it in all the sorts of ratings as well as lists with recommendations for studying this very language.

The main purpose of the Ruby programming language, which also follows the principle of least astonishment, is basically the creation of powerful and understandable program, where it is not the program speed that is imperative but the short development time, clarity and of course, simplicity.

7. Java

Java programming language is one of the most highly-demanded and paid languages among employers. It is very popular among developers according to the GitHub team and is used especially to develop products in the banking sector and in automated testing. It is very much appreciated for its cross-platform and it is a viable and promising programming language for all the new learners.

8. Objective-C

The Objective-C programming language is basically used to develop several apps in the Apple ecosystem for Mac OS X and iOS. Despite the emergence of a new programming language known as Swift, the Objective-C language is a highly popular choice among programming developers.

Conclusion The lack of talented programmers has been, and will probably continue to be in the coming years, an urgent problem for the digitally dynamic market. The knowledge of the languages that we have mentioned above and the sufficient work experience will undoubtedly open endless number of doors for the developers. So be lazy no more and learn these amazing new programming languages as we, a top Software Development Company in Bangalore, believe that learning these popular languages should be a top priority to all those developers out there who want to flourish in their career.

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