UX (User Experience) Design plays an important role in the success of the website. If you need to create a perfect design, you need to follow a set of rules followed by other designers. The laws should have to be applied at both the macro and micro levels of the product design to deliver a better user experience. To make your UX design interesting and great, go through this article. Here we have created a list of UX Design Laws, Every Beginner Must Know. If you apply this law, you have a clear benefit in building a successful user experience.

Seven Laws of UX Design to Be Followed

Von Restorff Effect: The Von Restorff also called the isolation effect, says that when multiple similar objects are present, the most important elements need to be visually different. In design, you can make that important object more distinctive than others. The most distinctive object can easily catch the user’s attention and the object should be visually diverse from other objects in terms of size, shape, and color. When you use the isolation effect, you should maintain a proper balance between other factors in the design. You should apply this effect only when there is a specific goal or objective.

Hick’s Law: Hick’s Law states that the duration it takes to make a decision increases with the numbers and complexity of the options. For example, if you have too many choices, then you take more time to choose the perfect one. So, try to simplify things out and make sure that the product is not confusing users. If there are many options, you are going to face many problems. Hence, apply the Usability Principle in UX i.e. KISS: Keep it Simple, Stupid throughout the design. It can be done by providing users with a concise set of options.

Fitts’s Law: Fitts’s Law is almost similar to Hick’s Law. It states that the time required for a user to move its target area is based on the distance and size of the target. You can reduce the duration by making it huge enough to be recognized and position it on the bottom to make it easy to reach. It denotes how to ease interactions through the proper sizing and positioning of interface elements. For better understanding, go through the example. In shopping sites, did you notice that “Add to Cart” and “Buy Now” buttons are huge than any other buttons? Because it facilitates easy recognition.

Law of Prägnanz: Law of pragnanz is also known as the “Law of Simplicity”, which states that users opt for simple and ordered shapes rather than going for complex structure because the interpretation of simple shapes demands cognitive efforts. Hence, when confronted with complex shapes, we need to reorganize them into simpler components. If you create your design with a recognizable shape users are familiar with and you don’t have to confuse your mind to identify what the design is about.

Serial Position Effect: Serial Position Effect states that the human mind can remember the first and last item of the series in its long-term working memory. Hence it is recommended to place the important things in both first and last place for easy memorization of the item. Place the remaining least important items in the middle. The perfect example of this effect: if you notice the navigation bar of Instagram, You will see the Home button in the first place and the profile button at the last to facilitate easier memorization.

Law of Proximity: The Law of proximity states that objects that are near to each other tend to be grouped. This law represents how the human eye creates a relationship between the objects that are grouped as visual elements. It helps people to understand and organize data faster, and more efficiently. The practical example of proximity, In the E-commerce Website, you can see similar objects grouped under one category it more manageable for the user.

Jakob’s Law: Jakob’s Law describes that users spend a maximum amount of time on other sites and they expect your site to behave the same as other sites. The best method to make something unique is to take examples from other similar products. It will help clients to know what your product is about and can understand it clearly. To provide better user experience, you should not keep your design over-creative or over-original. The logo of the company is placed on the top-left corner in most companies because people have already made up their minds of finding the logo on that specified place.

Conclusion: After reading this blog, you will get a clear view of the laws of UX Design to be followed by the beginner. If you follow these Laws, you can design beautiful products, fast and efficiently. If you are a business owner and finding a way to design your website then, Techasoft is here to help you. We are the best UI UX Design Company in Bangalore.  We have a crew of experts who can apply the above laws to your design which makes it unique.

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