1. Omnichannel Marketing – Omnichannel is particularly important for consumer-facing businesses. Omnichannel isn’t just important for generating new business. It helps in building a positive customer experience thereby increases customer retention rates. The personalized communication with consumers through different channels would help companies in the long run.

2. Chatbots – The Millennial Customer prefer interacting with Chat bots as they are responsive, give answers promptly, accurately recall your entire buying history, and never lose patience. These virtual assistants offer outstanding customer service, meeting customers’ expectations and automating repetitive tasks – which means you can focus on more important work.

3. Influencer Marketing – Influencer marketing is a great way to get your message out to millions of people without having your own large audience. Influencer marketing involves referral marketing and word-of-mouth marketing which focuses on spreading the brand’s message to the larger market in order to get larger market share.

4. Programmatic Advertising – Programmatic advertising is AI all about the operational efficiency of a machine to understand and buy the ads digitally. It involves multiple benefits such as better targeting, Easy access to ad inventories and streamlined campaign management. It uses AI to buy and place advertisements. It relies on a combination of automation, big data, and technical expertise. 

5. Video Marketing – Live video is gaining popularity, and business is driven by using them for product demos and “behind the scenes” glimpses. The Vlogging, 360 degree videos are gaining popularity. These videos prove truly unique and gives audience an interactive experience. 

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