Have you ever noticed how the mobile industry is rapidly growing, You might assume that there is no vital change in your life but we cannot consider the same statement for the mobile app industry and technology. The mobile applications and devices have gone through constant development where new trends are invented every day and the improvement of the existing ones.

According to important research, the total number of smartphone users is about 2.5 billion in 2019 from 2.1 billion in 2016. The number of mobile apps is multiplying in a faster phase – the Android app or iOS-based app both have their demand and growth rate.

Nevertheless, the mobile app developers and gadget lovers are enthusiastic to know what’s the update from the technological aspect. What are the upcoming innovative technologies?

Yes, we all have indeed heard about the existing technologies like IoT, Machine learning, Virtual Reality, etc. 

but we need to understand what further improvements and changes happen in the preceding advanced systems.

1) Internet of Things

IoT has already built much buzz around the world, helping us in most of our daily life activities. It will play a major role in security development for those who are having network security issues. It is going to boost business transformation. It is gonna be a Digital twin technology era that has advanced beyond manufacturing and into the merging worlds of the IoT, artificial intelligence and data analytics. More genuine Growth of Blockchain Technology will take place. 

Following the emergence of the bitcoin, blockchain technology has also progressed into a tremendous evolution. So, one can know well that when these two dominant digital giants got together it brought radical changes in the entire world. IoT enables Smart Homes and possibly Smart Cities too.

2) Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality

The recent example of AR technology- Pokemon Go game which was built based on AR technology. A new saying has been made for the AR and VR technology ‘Beyond the Screen’, which has certainly created a huge influence over the audience in recent years. The future AR and VR technology is not only targeting and augmenting the popular high-level gaming apps but has also created a hype around the social media platforms. Even social media monsters like Instagram and Snapchat working and implementing this innovation and have noticed more user engagement.AR is one of the best tools that you can use for social media campaigns. Few social media platforms have released integrated AR filters that can turn the human face into digital character.

3)  ChatBots

Now chatbots have become an essential part of most of the on-demand apps, which allows you to respond quickly in real-time to your customers. They are virtual assistants and does not require human-to-human interaction. According to the study, the Chatbot market will increase in the upcoming years. Certainly, Chatbots are well getting connected with the AR and VR technologies to write new success stories and offering the industry enterprises a digital weapon to give an advantage over others. They have played a crucial role in intensifying customer relationship management to a new level.

4) Cloud Storage 

It is becoming a Necessity as the times are propelling the necessity to integrate the cloud-based app is gaining importance. The apps allow cloud management as there are some conditions on storage in the devices. We cannot install more applications if the phone memory is less. 

Besides, there is an immense amount of requisite data stored in different applications, which acquires up space. Nevertheless, with the advent of cloud technology, this issue will be addressed to a range as you would be able to store all your data in a particular cloud.

5) Mobile Payment 

We are seeing an increase in the number of mobile payment apps as most banks are now offering mobile banking services.

Payment through mobile phones is on the higher side.

Besides, mobile wallets like Paytm have previously created a buzz at the center and many other players are joining the competition. For example, Google Pay, PhonePe, etc. In the upcoming years, more and more people will be using digital methods to transfer funds and transactions will be much easier than before.

6) Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

The term Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are known to all techies. AI has seen successful growth and is creating a huge influence in interpreting the services and the calling process. When it gets colluded with machine learning, it can do wonders for any business in obtaining relevant data and real-time analytics.

Though AI as a technology has become a successful launch, it’s partner machine learning still needs to improve many of its components to get successful.

7) Influence of Wearable Apps

Trendy technologies always fascinate people, In this generation, we are observing innovative ideas getting executed. The instance of wearable apps can be put ahead with that view. Smartwatches have become a style statement and a basic device on many fronts.

Thus, If you are doing workouts and exercises every morning or going for a cycling session at the gym, the wearable apps will help in sending data about how much distance you covered and the amount of calorie burning.

These apps are smart enough to keep a check on health parameters such as heart rate, blood sugar level, amount of cholesterol, etc. 


The mobile apps have certainly become a necessary part of human beings and it’s hard to imagine a day without any application. Nowadays we do most of our basic activities using apps such as ordering food, booking tickets, shopping, booking cabs, banking and even checking out the important health parameters.

Hence, the users are in search of a fast, trendy, and highly responsive app that is embedded with the latest technologies to make their work simpler. The trends never remain constant and it keeps changing at regular intervals when the newer versions of the Operating System or app update are released.

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