Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in human’s life. Artificial intelligence is one of the most growing technology nowadays. This is also called Human Intelligence. Artificial intelligence is work like a human in all the process in learning, thinking and working. In the real time applications it is used to speech recognition, problem solving, planning and many things. This is the newest and trending technology widely studied and implemented by many institutions and people. iPhone user one of the artificial intelligence called Siri to assist in daily routine. Tesla is an artificial intelligence used in automobiles. Cogito is a application used for voice calls. Likewise there are most of the artificial intelligence techniques used in many techniques. This article gives the details about artificial intelligence and the impact in our lives.

Weather Predictions:

 Before the invention of artificial intelligence, predicting the weather is very difficult and different. The weather conditions should be measured correctly for the better prevention from any attack. Artificial intelligence used to get an accurate weather Prediction and to give a alarm for any of the weather attacks. And it is used to give a correct prediction before any storms or any affect. This technology development I’d only because of artificial intelligence.

House works:

The robots are created by the artificial intelligence. The robots created by artificial intelligence are used to help in any works. They can work as a servant in restaurants and in housework. They are created for the specific purpose for the specific work. It can reduce the man work and saves the time for another work and also gives the luxurious life for the people. This the artificial intelligence are plays a vital role in a many works.

Clean the Environment:

The artificial intelligence is used to clean an environment and save the ecosystem. Some of the software programs are created for control the air pollution and also used to control some of pollution which affect the environment. Some software using artificial intelligence are control the air pollution caused by some of the factories and vehicles. It is a major use in a real life of artificial intelligence.

Autonomous Transformation:

There are more autonomous vehicles and several activities are done by artificial intelligence using many of the industries like driverless cars. US already accept the autonomous approach in every field. Likewise the world is rapidly moved into the technologies using artificial intelligence. The driverless cars and trains are already in work in many of the countries nowadays.

Space Exploration:

Many space exploration projects are never reaching by human being. And they are unsafe for human beings. For this purpose, the robots created by artificial intelligence are very very useful. And it can be used at any time and any purpose and at any place. It can be monitor by human beings from earth. This can be used to discover many things and also used to many projects without humans. This is major advantage of using artificial intelligence in real time applications.

Safeguard for country:

It can be used in army and protect the country. It can be also used to ensure from terrorist activities. Software monitoring systems, virtual agents are the major projects using artificial intelligence for protecting homes, family and country. And the artificial intelligence application gives warning to a country when other people enter in illegal ways. Thus the artificial intelligence is majorly used to protect the country from many ways and also prevent the country from attacks.


Slowly artificial intelligence gives many applications for artificial intelligence. The application’s using artificial intelligence in medicine fields are used to know the daily activities of every person, deduct any disease before they occur, cure the disease using several technologies and gives many medical support to every person.

Financial issues:

To safeguard the money in bank is a security issue. But the details or the data about the banking details are theft by many of the people who stole the information. So the artificial intelligence is used to safe the data about the financial issues using some the specific applications for that.


Transhumanism is a highly advanced and ongoing project to mingle humans and robots. Many of the projects are created for that particular purpose. This is highly recommended and expected project in this technological world.

These are some of uses to artificial intelligence in human’s everyday life. The impact created by artificial intelligence is covering more benefits and some of the negatives on this way. By avoiding some of the disadvantages, this is really a boon to our world.

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