Developing a prototype for the mobile app is the most difficult task faced by app developers because they need to spend more time and energy. That is why most of the developers are searching for the alternative option and the prototyping tools is the solution for their searches. As the number and variety of prototyping tools continue to grow, it’s becoming difficult to choose the best one for your needs. By keeping your struggles in mind, we created the list of 15 Best Prototyping Tools for App Developers. We are the top Mobile App Development Company in Bangalore and we created this blog to help out and save your valuable time. 


Mock is user-friendly, even beginners can handle this tool and it provides templates in a variety of sizes. It has more than 200 components and 300 icons. You can create or develop interactive prototypes by just using the simple drag-and-drop option. 


Balsamiq is a popular wireframing tool and it is a paid tool, you have to pay $9 for 2 projects, $49 for 20 projects and $199 for 200 projects per month. It has both sketch and wireframe mode; you can easily switch between them. is a prototyping and wireframing tool that allows you to develop interactive wireframes. It is a paid tool and also it offers a 15-days risk-free trial period. It has several mobile widgets and it enables visitors to see the prototype online. 


Moqups is a free and open-source platform used to create a wireframe for web and mobile applications. It is the most preferred tool by the developer community to develop simple wireframe, solid model, and UI concepts. 

Adobe XD 

Adobe XD is the product of Adobe cloud suite and it was launched in March 2016. It is available for both Windows and macOS, and also it has all the advanced features such as low-fidelity prototyping, high-fidelity prototyping, user flows, and feedback in a single app. 


InVision App is the trending design tool in the web development market and it is preferred by most of the senior designers. It supports various tools such as comments, device preview, video calling, user testing, whiteboard collaboration, and more. 

Fluid UI 

Fluid UI is the top wireframing and mocktail. It has advanced features that allow a user to interact with the UI design via various devices such as Mobile, Tablet, laptop, and desktop. It uses HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS to create a layout. 


Pidoco is a cloud-based mock-up software and the basic software is free with limited features. It has interactive elements, custom templates, and easy sketching for fast wireframing. You can also integrate this software with other software such as Jira, Planio, and more via their API. 

Marvel app 

It is the best alternative for InVisionApp and it is very simple to handle. It works for both experienced and those simply looking to communicate high, and low fidelity concepts. The main disadvantage of this tool is it does not support offline designing. 


UXPin is the best online tool where you can import from Sketch and Photoshop. Using this tool, you can design a complex and responsive interface with UXPin’s built-in libraries and it is a complex tool in terms of automated documentation.  


Protoshare is a mock-up tool that is used for creating interactive elements for both websites and mobile apps. It has a variety of features that allows you to create a template and it has a library of drag-and-drop elements, a sitemap, and more. is the best tool for starters and it lets you include annotations to specific markup areas for comments. It has only limited features but it is the perfect option for those who started their first step in the app development process. 


Axure is a wireframing tool and using this tool users can add an annotation to wireframes to save project notes. It is the perfect combination of wireframing, prototyping, and diagramming.  


Justinmind is a popular prototyping tool and it has drag-drop functionality which facilitates developers to create interactive elements.  

Framer X 

Framer X lets a designer create appealing animations with a minimal amount of coding because it uses a simplified version of JavaScript called Coffee Script.  It can easily integrate with other software tools such as Sketch and Figma.  


Prototypes enable you to gather feedback, test usability, and more. There are many tools available in the digital medium but in this blog, we only mentioned the 15   Best Prototyping Tools For App Developers, and each of them has their special advantages, specialties, and suits different needs. Techasoft can guide you to get an appealing and interactive website for your business.

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