Color is an important element in web design and there is a lot to learn in color terms of web design. This article is created by Techasoft to provide a better understanding of basic color terms that every Web Designer should know at the beginning of their career.

In order to understand the basic color terms you need to clear about concepts such as Vocabulary, color wheel, color schemes, color psychology, tools and resources

Why do you need to give importance to color?

Color gives life to things, for example, if you paint your home with colors it brings joy and happiness. Every color has its own meaning, they impart a tone and emotional impact just like fonts do.

The vocabulary of color

Before we going deep into the color theory, you’ll need to know the following terms:

Primary colors

All the colors are formed from three primary colors and the three base colors are magenta, cyan, and yellow. If you notice every other color, you will see it consists of a combination of these three colors in varying amounts, brightnesses, tints, and shades. Normally, we consider blue, red, and yellow as primary colors but it is wrong, and research proved that magenta, cyan, and yellow are the primary colors.

RGB and hex

RGB (Red, Green, and blue) and hex values are to represent colors and the RGB color system defines all colors as a combination of three different values.

– RGB (59, 89, 145) represents Facebook blue

– RGB (0, 0, 0) represents black

– RGB (255, 255, 255) equals white

The hex color system converts a value into hexadecimal representation.

– #3b599b represents Facebook blue

Here the first two-digit represent the red color value,59 means green, and 9b is blue.

– #000000 represents black

– #ffffff represents   white

‍‍Cool and warm colors.

Colors are also classified under warmth condition and it is classified into warm and cool colors.

Warm colors have the shades of the sun that means the large part of the color consists of shaded red and yellows. These two colors feel very aggressive and bold, reminding us of the international stop sign. You may notice that the red color is always used to represent error as well as danger messages.

Cool colors are the shades that have large amounts of pleasant climatic conditions colors, winter, water touch, death, and sadness.  They are carriers of various emotions such as coldness, loneliness, less aggressive, and soothing.


Enhancing an image’s temperature is nothing but in simple terms, it means increasing its orange levels which makes an image look warmer. If you reduce the temperature then the image will look colder and less attractive.

Tints and shades

Tints mean a color that comes when you add white to the specific color and shades mean a color that results when adding black to a specific color. Tints and shades allow you to create monochrome color schemes by adding varying levels of white and black to a base color.

The color wheel

It is the wheel of 12 standard colors that are used to create color schemes. Whereas each slice of the pie shows a family of color that can result from different saturations, hues, hints, and other colors. Web designers use color wheels to choose color schemes. The red, yellow, and blue are primary colors while violet, orange, and green are the secondary colors. Other than that, the remaining are tertiary colors.

The 4 kinds of color schemes

1. Monochrome

It consists of various tints, shades, and saturation of a single base color, and it is based on the purple colors.

2. Complementary

It is based on two colors from opposite sides of the color wheel. This color is used for CTA buttons.

3. Analogous

It is based on n red, orange and yellow.

4. Triadic

It is created by drawing an equilateral triangle on the color wheel and selecting the three colors at the points of the triangle.


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